1492132681265 - Customer whacks Burger King worker in face

Customer whacks Burger King worker in face

A man is still on the loose after he lashed out and punched a Burger King employee.

Police were called to the Leach St fast food restaurant in New Plymouth about 8.55pm on Thursday following reports of an assault.

A police media spokeswoman said a Burger King staff member had been struck in the face by a male.

“The person who was punched didn’t have any injuries luckily,” she said. 

She said the alleged offender was well known to staff at the restaurant as he was a regular customer.

However, no arrest had been made yet as officers had not been able to locate him.

A search of the nearby area was carried out  but it was unsuccessful, she said.

CCTV footage would be reviewed  by police as part of its ongoing investigation.

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