1492652797809 - Couple discovers slimey substance in Blue Breeze Almond Milk

Couple discovers slimey substance in Blue Breeze Almond Milk

A dark, slimy substance found inside a carton of almond milk was a sickening surprise for an Auckland household.

About two weeks ago Mt Albert resident Roger Tuamoheloa fell sick with a stomach bug. 

He said it was a result of drinking Blue Diamond Almond Breeze Almond Milk purchased from Mt Albert Pak ‘n Save.

As he poured the last of the almond milk onto his breakfast he was shocked to see a dark, slimy liquid ooze out the bottle.

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With the expiry date being July 2017 Tuamoheloa made contact with Blue Diamond Growers, the owner of the product.

He said the company did not take responsibility for the spoiled product. Tuamoheloa was told the problem would have occurred after the product left the factory.

“There was no empathy,” he said.

Tuamoheloa said he and his partner were regular buyers of Almond Breeze but were unlikely to purchase it again.

Blue Diamond Growers spokeswoman said the company aimed to deliver products of the highest quality and was disappointed to learn of Tuamoheloa’s negative experience.

“We take matters such as this very seriously and have been working closely with the consumer to investigate how this occurred, including carrying out detailed testing in our labs,” the spokeswoman said. 

“As a company, we have very strict quality control systems in place to ensure our product is of the highest standard at each stage of the production and supply chain, including providing guidelines on how best to store the product so as to ensure consumers continue to enjoy our products to their full potential.”

“We will be continuing to work with the consumer on this particular matter.”

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