1491974726488 - Chlorine added to water in Lower Hutt as precautionary measure

Chlorine added to water in Lower Hutt as precautionary measure

Chlorine has been added to drinking water in Lower Hutt after Wellington Water found traces of e.coli in a bore sample.

A spokeswoman from Wellington Water said the addition was a precautionary measure, and “further testing is required to confirm any contamination”. 

The positive sample came from a bore in the wellfield in the suburb of Waterloo, among other negative tests taken at the same time. 

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About 70,000 Lower Hutt residents receive an unchlorinated supply, and will taste and smell the addition to their drinking water. 

“While this further testing is being carried out, chlorine will be added to the water supply for Lower Hutt as a precautionary measure,” a spokeswoman said. 

“We’ll continue to chlorinate the water until we have clearance from Regional Public Health.”

The public artesian wells at Buick St in Petone, and Dowse Square in central Lower Hutt, remain open as a source of unchlorinated drinking water.

People in the Wellington metropolitan area use around 140 million litres a day. 

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