1491888834796 - Cannabis plants found in woman’s bedroom and car, court heard

Cannabis plants found in woman’s bedroom and car, court heard

In an unusual choice of home decor, a drug dealer grew cannabis in pots on her dressing table and hung cuttings of the plant up to dry in her wardrobe.

Three weeks after police discovered Codi Danielle Featonby’s cannabis-growing operation, she was caught with nearly a kilogram of dried cannabis in her car.

Featonby, 23, pleaded guilty to six charges in Hawera District Court, the result of the two separate incidents.

Police conducting a general enquiry at Featonby’s home noticed a ‘heavy smell of cannabis’ when she opened the door of her Eltham property about 8pm on March 15, the police summary of facts said.

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Inside Featonby’s bedroom, they found a two metre by one metre grow tent housing four cannabis plants approximately 30 to 50cm tall, two fans and a grow lamp.

Outside the tent was a converter plugged into numerous outlets and extension cords.

Five more cannabis plants were found on the defendant’s bedroom dresser and in the wardrobe she had 24 large cuttings hung to dry.

Two bowls of dried cannabis were also found in the bottom of the wardrobe, one containing three large bags of cannabis and six small bags of cannabis totalling 96 grams, scales/scissors and a cannabis pipe.

Police also located a methamphetamine pipe in the defendant’s dresser drawer.

In Featonby’s kitchen police located another small cannabis plant, a cannabis cutting in the fridge and a kilogram of dried cannabis in the hot water cupboard.

The defendant told police the material was for personal use.

Three weeks later, police at a checkpoint in Stratford observed Featonby as she drove past not wearing her seatbelt, and signalled her to stop.

Instead, the defendant accelerated around the police and was pursued by a police vehicle with its lights and sirens activated, for about 3.5km before she pulled over for the police and was arrested.

Police could see and smell cannabis in the vehicle. They found one gram of cannabis sitting below the dashboard and a large square container in the boot containing five snap lock bags of around 30g of cannabis and 753g of loose cannabis head, in total 893g of cannabis.

Featonby also had $185 in $20 bills and other currency in her possession.

Judge Chris Sygrove convicted her on the two counts of possession of cannabis for supply, two charges of failing to stop for police, one charge of possessing equipment for cultivating cannabis and one of possessing equipment for methamphetamine use and remanded her to reappear on July 12 for sentence.

 He remanded her to live with an aunty in Waitara, on a 24-hour curfew. She was also banned from consuming alcohol or non prescription drugs and from associating with another person involved in the offending.

“Your aunt is a fairly hard task master who will keep you on track. That was one of the reasons I was persuaded to agree with bail,” Sygrove said. 

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