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Business owner shocked by online abuse

The owner of a new city business has spoken out about online bullying.

Nails by Kirsten owner Kirsten Reid wanted to enjoy her first week open for business, but said she was in tears after reading comments online that criticised her for not having a qualification. 

The Invercargill City Council made a Facebook post to promote her new business. What followed was lines of abuse and claims from the public it was dangerous to operate nail services without qualification. 

However, Reid said the negativity had brought more in to her new shop, which opened this week. 

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Reid said she saw the comments on Wednesday, and took them to heart.

“I thought, three days open, and I thought I was going down,” she said.

“But I am going to keep going.”

The people behind their keyboards may not have anything better to do, she said 

“Instead of coming in here, they put it on Facebook,” she said.

“It’s nasty, and it’s social media and it’s what goes on now days.

“But people should mind their own business.” 

Clients had come in the door, and said service from other providers in the city had not been good, she said.

She had done nails for friends and family for about eight years, and in a professional environment for about four years, Reid said. 

“People say I am qualified by experience,” she said.

“It’s not just something where I thought I’d open a shop and wing it.” 

The city council had no bylaw to prevent her from operating without an qualification. 

“They [the council] had no problems, whatsoever.” 

The council had asked her if she wanted the post taken down, to which she said no. 

“The negativity has brought people in to my shop.” 

A statement by the Invercargill City Council says Reid made contact with the council prior to opening her business.

The Environmental Health Department advised that her business complied with the law, it says.  

There were guidelines and standards for operating a nails business, but not by legislation or bylaw.

The council was looking to introduce a bylaw to cover the area of business, it says.

A new bylaw would be subject to consultation with self-taught technicians, trained technicians, other stakeholders and the public.

Reid said the council had been very supportive of the business.

She wanted to see more creative nail businesses in the city, nail art and 3D nail art. 

Reid said she was a good talker and enjoyed good conversations with her clients, who were “lovely”. 

“Nails is my passion.” 


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