1493088692033 - Business group sees Nelson’s potential to become New Zealand’s Silicon Valley

Business group sees Nelson’s potential to become New Zealand’s Silicon Valley

A group of Nelson entrepreneurs  says the city  has what it takes to become New Zealand’s answer to Silicon Valley.

Markus Erdmann said community group local.foundation was set up after last year’s StartUp School programme.

The group consists of people that have started businesses or are in some way affiliated or interested in the business world.

Erdmann said local.foundation had been meeting every Wednesday, hosting different events within the group.

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“We want to go a step further with our group and make Nelson the start-up hub of New Zealand, that’s really our aim.

“Nelson is the centre of New Zealand. If you look at what’s driving people to places like Silicon Valley, it is actually what we have.”

Erdmann said a lot of people that are entrepreneurial are adventurers and would benefit from the geological placing of Nelson.

“Why not Nelson. If we start here and pull the interest to Nelson we can actually make it the new Silicon Valley.

“​We have a void to fill, there isn’t one business hub yet in New Zealand.” 

As part of the wider aim of the group, Erdmann said they were hosting the first of public events this Thursday.

He said they had run an event before where they invited a business person to talk about their organisation and their background.

“So what we’ve done is we’ve invited more people to talk in a more structured way.”

Erdmann said they invited Nelson business people to show others that anyone can start a business. 

“If we start with people that are local to the Nelson and Tasman region, who have businesses that everybody could grasp and can talk about how they go about it, that might actually encourage people.

“They’ve all done it in Nelson and they have all started businesses that you and I can do too.”

On the speakers list are, among others, Emma Saunders from the Green Collective and Paul Hampton from Victory Boxing.

Local.foundation founders.talk at NMIT – G Block on Thursday April 27 from 6pm to 9:30pm, tickets $20.

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