1491803288883 - Burglar faces possible prison stint

Burglar faces possible prison stint

A man convicted of theft and burglary is facing a stint in prison if he cannot find somewhere to serve an electronically-monitored sentence.

Samuel Clint Andersen, 21, admitted the charges at the Blenheim District Court on Monday.

Judge Richard Russell said it was Andersen’s second burglary charge, and domestic burglaries had “an imprisonment starting point”.

“You are in some trouble as a result of this offending. If you can’t find an address [for community detention], prison will be an outcome.”

A summary of facts said Andersen hired a concrete cutter from Upper Hutt Hire, in Upper Hutt, about 3pm on July 19 last year.

He gave his contact details and was supposed to return the cutter by 5pm the same day.

However, Andersen never returned, and despite several attempts the company was unable to contact him.

The concrete cutter was worth $1500.

Two weeks later, Andersen was in South Wairarapa when he walked up the driveway of a locked house about noon.

He went to an aluminium window beside the back door and forced it open, cutting himself in the process and leaving his blood on the window frame.

Andersen took an iPad, a laptop and a cordless phone.

He went out to the shed and took a chainsaw, and took the items, worth $3000 in total, to a friend’s house.

Police found the iPad there at a later date.

Police went to visit Andersen at a house in Blenheim about an unrelated matter on March 19, and arrested him.

Andersen told police he did not know where the concrete cutter was. He left it at a friend’s place and when he went back to get it, it was gone, he said.

He burgled the house in Wairarapa so he could use the items to pay rent to a friend, he said.

Judge Russell convicted Andersen and remanded him on bail to May 1 for sentencing.

He ordered a pre-sentencing report, a reparation report and a report assessing the possibility of an electronically-monitored sentence.

He also referred the case for restorative justice.

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