1493754412341 - Boys aged 11-15 in stolen car chase from Hamilton to Cambridge

Boys aged 11-15 in stolen car chase from Hamilton to Cambridge

A carload of youths aged as young as 11 have found themselves in police hands after a joy ride in a stolen car.

Four boys, aged 15, 13, 12 and 11, were inside the stolen Mazda that was spiked not far from the Waikato town of Cambridge about 3am on Wednesday. 

The car had been stolen from Cambridge on May 1, with the thieves smashing the quarter-light window to gain entry. 

Police spotted the vehicle near Tramway Rd in Hamilton and flashed red and blue lights for it to stop, Waikato police Senior Sergeant Dave Raffan said. 

“Staff tried to stop it but it fled and the pursuit went from Hamilton to Cambridge.

“Apart from a few high speeds the manner of driving was reasonably good.”

Spikes were laid near the Waikato Expressway’s intersection with Hickey Rd, on the outskirts of Cambridge, where the vehicle finally came to a stop after the 30km chase. 

Police found the four boys inside. 

Raffan said the youths, all from the Waikato, were taken back to Hamilton central police station and were being dealt with by staff. 

The driver would face driving related charges, he said. 


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