1493606415150 - Beer burglar caught getting fourth round

Beer burglar caught getting fourth round

He just wanted more alcohol, but after going back to the well – someone else’s outdoor fridge – a fourth time, this beer burglar was caught out.

Walter Frederick Narayan​, 39, was walking on McLauchlan St, in Blenheim, some time on the night of April 13 when he opened the gate of a property and walked through it.

He did not know the people who lived there, and did not have permission to be on the property, a summary of facts said.

Narayan walked down the path along the side of the house and through the carport to a deck.

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He opened a refrigerator on the deck and took 18 bottles of Speight’s beer, and left the property.

Narayan went back to the house on April 19, through the gate and down the path to the refrigerator on the deck, where he took 12 bottles of Speight’s beer.

He returned on April 23, taking two bottles of Speight’s and six Citrus Speight’s. 

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After the third burglary, the family approached police, who set up a camera on the property in the hopes the culprit would return.

Sure enough, the following night Narayan came back, taking two bottles of Speight’s.

When spoken to by police, he admitted taking the beer.

The family that lived at the address said the stolen beer was worth about $50 in total, which they sought in reparation.

Narayan admitted four charges of burglary at the Blenheim District Court on Monday.

His lawyer Laurie Murdoch said Narayan did the burglaries because he wanted more alcohol.

“He accepts that for the people that live there it would be concerning.”

Narayan wanted his name to be suppressed to protect his children from hardship as a result of his offending being made public, Murdoch said.

But Judge David Ruth said the threshold for name suppression was very high, and he was not convinced Narayan’s children would suffer hardship that would meet that threshold.

Narayan was convicted and remanded in custody to May 29.

Judge Ruth ordered a pre-sentencing report and an alcohol and drug report, and referred Narayan to restorative justice.

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