1491794130633 - Auckland primary school pupil offered $100 to get into a stranger’s car

Auckland primary school pupil offered $100 to get into a stranger’s car

An Auckland primary school student was offered $100 to get into a stranger’s car on Monday morning – just 20 metres from her school’s gate.

The principal of St Dominic’s School in Blockhouse Bay, Daniel Pepper, said a 9-year-old girl ran into school just after 8am on Monday saying she’d been offered $100 by a man.

“She was dropped off outside school around 20 metres away and was walking to the entrance when a guy leaning on his car said he’d give her $100 to get into the car.”

Pepper said the girl ran into the school grounds and found her teacher.

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The school rang the police who took a statement from the girl.

“We spoke to our children this morning about exactly what to do and be wary of stranger’s offering money, lollies, even a Xbox,” Pepper said.

The school sent an email informing parents of the incident.

Pepper said he also informed other schools in the area.

“Again it comes down to making sure the children are confident and know exactly what to do.”

Pepper said the email was a reminder to parents to talk to their children about what to do in similar situations and suggested families have a password – if the person picking up the child doesn’t know it, then the child shouldn’t get in the vehicle.

Police have been approached for comment. 

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