1504218528932 - Apple teases ‘special event’ (spoiler: 10th anniversary iPhone coming to a store near you)

Apple teases ‘special event’ (spoiler: 10th anniversary iPhone coming to a store near you)

Mark your calendars, Apple fans. The big iPhone reveal is set for September 12.

Apple will host the event at its brand new “Spaceship” campus in the US, according to invitations sent out on Thursday (Friday NZ time).

The 1000-seat Steve Jobs Theater, which sits just outside the giant ring structure in Cupertino, California, will be the official venue of the event.

In the invite, Apple simply wrote “Let’s meet at our place”.

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September 12 was reported earlier this week by the Wall Street Journal as the likely date for the special fall event, where Apple typically unveils its newest iPhone models and other hardware upgrades.

Apple is widely expected to unveil a host of new products, including a 10th anniversary iPhone.

With the new model, the phone is said to have gone through its biggest design overhaul in years and is rumoured to be packed with new features and materials such as an OLED display, facial recognition 3-D sensor, and wireless charging.

Apple is also expected to release updated versions of the existing iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

Beyond the iPhone, Apple is expected to release a new Apple Watch, which is rumoured to have a LTE cellular modem that allows it to receive data without an iPhone nearby. A new Apple TV with 4K video streaming capabilities and HDR support may also be revealed.

Typically, the new products hit the market about 10 days after the event.