1492404622511 - Anyone want a free house? Porirua property is yours, so long as you take it away

Anyone want a free house? Porirua property is yours, so long as you take it away

The walls are sticky, the ceilings filthy and the laundry tap leaks constantly, but the price is just right – absolutely nothing.

For keen DIYers, a former Porirua state home may be just what’s needed to get on the property ladder, even if some of the rungs are a bit dodgy.

Under the greasy carpet and behind the holey walls lie the “blimmin’ good bones” of a 1950s home, owner Bill Sisk says.

“It’s free. What else do you want?”

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Well, for one thing you’d need a section. Because, while the 106-square-metre home in Elsdon comes without a price tag, it also comes without a location.

The buyer would need to pay for relocating and repiling it – but so long as it was shifted within a 70-kilometre radius, that would cost no more than $20,000, according to Sisk, who is a registered valuer.

“For $50,000 you could make it liveable, and for $100,000 you’d get a great house.”

Sisk bought the Waiho Terrace house from a private seller at the end of last month. He said the rating rating improvements value, excluding the land, was last assessed at $121,000, and was estimated to increase to $169,000 at next rating round.

A liveable three-bedroom home of that vintage in Porirua would cost between about $260,000 and $380,000.

Despite the crumbling exterior cladding, the decaying kitchen and “unusual” decor, Sisk felt the house was just too good for the scrap heap.

But he warned the clock is ticking. In just seven weeks’ time another house – a smart Lockwood – will be ready to take up residence on the section, which has views over Porirua Harbour.

“If nobody wants it, we’ll salvage the roof and the doors, then chuck the rest in the bin,” Sisk said.

Demolition would cost about $16,000, but he said the decision to give it away was more about giving someone else a helping hand than about saving money. “It would be nice to help someone out and do our bit for society.”

Gold Coast Building Removals owner Tony Gregg said “free” houses were reasonably common, and a good way for house-hunters to get a bargain.

“Sections are hard to come by, and sometimes they’re cheaper with a house on them than without.

“Houses from the 1950s and 60s are built much better than the leaky things today, so they’re worth moving.”

Unlike many state houses from that era, Sisk’s property had a tin roof, which meant the roof would not need need to be removed for transportation.

“Normally they have a concrete tile roof, which you need to lower. As soon as you do that, it rains.”

* Anyone interested in relocating the house should email Bill Sisk at billsisk@vcnz.co.nz

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