1492991200281 - Another four-day weekend: How to pull off a sickie before Anzac Day

Another four-day weekend: How to pull off a sickie before Anzac Day

If you’re pulling a sickie today, it’s time to go into social media lock-down so your boss doesn’t find out.

Workplaces across New Zealand reported a drop in staff on Monday morning as people cashed in on another four-day weekend.

Tuesday is Anzac Day – and the smart folk who planned ahead are taking annual leave on Monday.

But others less organised are probably opting for the time-honoured “headache” that conveniently falls on a day they don’t really want to be at work.

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Social media trainer Danny de Hek recommended rogue employees consider abandoning Facebook as well as their jobs if they wanted to avoid being caught.

“Turn off your location settings for a start, and definitely don’t post anything on your page,” he said.

“Different apps report where you’ve been, and a clever boss could look over your shoulder when you’re back at work and see all the locations you’ve been in the last 30 days.”

De Hek said anyone who did choose to post pictures online should make sure only their friends could see them, “and make sure you’re not friends with your boss, or anyone else who could dob you in”.

He warned that some people could be caught out by their friends and family if they weren’t careful.

“The other way to check what people are doing is to look up their partner, because their security might not be so tight,” he said.

“It’s so easy to get nabbed these days.”

Employees should also bear in mind that their boss can demand a medical certificate when they return to work if it’s suspected they weren’t actually sick.

The Public Service Association (PSA) recommended companies showed some flexibility toward staff who wanted to skip work on Monday.

“We would support employers taking a generous view about agreeing to staff requests for annual leave in the circumstances,” it said in a statement.

However the PSA cautioned that did depend on the industry or workplace.

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