1515545219341 - Agency dives into fixing gaping Auckland CBD seawall

Agency dives into fixing gaping Auckland CBD seawall

$1 million repairs on Auckland’s Downtown Ferry Terminal seawall are the first of their kind in New Zealand.

Auckland Transport contractors have freighted in custom-made gear for divers to patch the gaping 16-metre hole scoured by propeller wash.

Two smaller holes have also been found but the agency said repairs should have “minimal impact” on ferry traveller’s plans.

Checks show that the seawall remains stable and presents no danger to the public.

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In August, routine checks discovered the holes.

Auckland Transport chief engineer, Andrew Scoggins, said repairs are expected to be finished by late in next year’s first quarter.

After the up to 1.2 metre deep seawall holes are repaired, divers will guide into place stainless steel plates to protect the more than 100-year-old seawall from further prop-wash damage.

“The work was originally scheduled to be finished by Christmas but due to the rough, non-uniform surface of the seawall cleaning and levelling the face is taking longer than expected,” Scoggins said.

Auckland Transport’s contractor, STF Limited, is looking to employ a second team of four divers to speed up the process.