1493511894121 - 130 supermarket trolleys missing from New World Opotiki

130 supermarket trolleys missing from New World Opotiki

They’ve strayed from the supermarket carpark, one by one, over the past three years or so.

Now New World Opotiki is appealing for the return of 130 supermarket trolleys, even offering an amnesty.

Bring one back and there won’t be any consequences, owner-operator Jimmy Heal said.

“Even if we get a phone call of where they are, we’re just happy to go and pick them up.”

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Heal”s owned New World Opotiki about seven years and said it’s the smaller trolleys – the 100-litre size – that tend to go walkabout.

It’s just one of those things which affects any business which has the carts, he said.

At New World Opotiki, the response is a “missing” poster, which has gone up in the foyer and trolley bay and is now doing the rounds on social media.

Some people have responded with comments on their uses for supermarket trolleys – including as a washing basket, entertainment for kids, or hangi baskets.

But trolleys cost about $100 to replace, so it’s an extra expense for the supermarket when they’re re-purposed.

“It is a cost and it’s significant but it’s just part of doing business. It’s more about the customers, really. We’re missing [the trolleys] and customers would like them,” Heal said.

“We’re a small community and we work together,” he said.

“We trust our community and we believe they will come back.”

The supermarket has bought more trolleys but is waiting for them to be delivered.

If you’ve got a trolley that belongs to New World Opotiki, either drop it off at 19 Bridge Street or ring 07 315 6723 for pick up.

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