1493343222763 - 100-year-old Mitsubishi being re-created as plug-in hybrid

100-year-old Mitsubishi being re-created as plug-in hybrid

Mitsubishi is going back to the future to mark its centennial with a modern take on its first vehicle built in 1917.

The carmaker has joined forces with California-based West Coast Customs to re-create the Mitsubishi Model A built on the platform of the Outlander Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle (Phev).

“We’re proud to be a 100-year-old brand with a rich heritage in the automotive landscape,” said Francine Harsini, senior director, marketing at Mitsubishi Motoris North America.

“The Mitsubishi Model A is the vehicle that paved the way for many other unique and exciting models over the years… 

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“The Mitsubishi Model A will feature all the distinctive aspects of the 1917 vehicle, but will be built on the PHEV platform and offer the latest in automotive technology.”

In 1917, the Mitsubishi Model A was the first car ever to be adorned with the three-diamond emblem when launched in Japan. With the Model A, Mitsubishi’s automotive history began with a 22-car production run of Japan’s first series of mass-produced vehicles.

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